Whipp King, The Rapper Taking His Music Talent To Great Heights


Whipp King is an artist whose authenticity and realness are conveyed through his music and lyrics. In the Hip Hop culture, authenticity is highly valued and artists are considered to be true rappers when they write songs that are meaningful and can relate to real-life events and situations. King writes songs based on his own life experiences, struggles, and how he became successful, which allows his listeners to connect with him on a personal level.

Gucci Mane and Young Dolph have been huge inspirations for Whipp King when it comes to making street music with meaningful lyrics that people can vibe to. Some of his songs have been extremely successful, amassing millions of views on video and audio streaming platforms. Whipp King says, “I try to make my music as real as possible, and I have a lot of admiration for the rappers who do the same thing.”

Known for his very moving storytelling abilities and unique voice which has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, Whipp King is an authentic artist in all capacities. Having written more than 35 songs and performed at more than 75 shows, Whipp King is a success story that has been covered by many media houses and proves that originality is the only way to make it big in the industry.

Not everyone can pull off the storytelling in their songs and music video because it is tricky to put everything in sync and yet make people fall in love for your songs. But Whipp King is a rapper who knows how to become a storyteller. His voice has moved hundreds of thousands of people around the world and caught the attention of many. He’s written over 35 songs and performed at more than 75 shows. His success story has been covered by various media houses, proving that originality is key to making it big in the industry.

Whipp King is a great storyteller, as evidenced by his previous single “Fall Back.” “Fall Back” is full of gangsta vibes and shows the genuineness that Whipp King is known for. It sounds unique in his voice and he takes pride in that fact. He wants to be known for his authenticity and for keeping it real. “I do not sound like the rest of the rappers and I am proud of my own style and authenticity, I like to keep it real and I want to be known this way.” Said Whipp King.

Whipp King has had a very successful year so far, with many projects in the works and songs that his fans have been loving. Some of his most popular tracks, like “Money Train” and “Fall Back”, have gathered massive followings and it seems like there’s no stopping him now. You can keep up with the rapper by following him on Instagram and YouTube, and staying updated with his content here.

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