Simon Lerner’s NetCon Community of Business Enables Practical Learning For Numerous Students


With online learning and education technology gaining rapid growth globally, more and more students are choosing to utilize and interact with the vast pool of resources that are now available to them.

Getting educated online is no longer limited to reading up articles and watching pre-recorded videos. Interactive virtual communities are now changing the face of online education.

Simon Lerner, an entrepreneur, educator, and stock market trader launched the NetCon community in 2019 to cater to every single person part of and interested in the business and entrepreneurship world.

Simon’s objective of starting NetCon was to enable young people to learn from experts and gain practical knowledge about business, wealth-creation, and financial stability.

The concept was to mobilize world-class resources and make them accessible to everyone, especially people who are in search of quality knowledge that is coupled with the value of experience.

The NetCon community fosters a network of business professionals, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, coaches, trainers,and students who interact, communicate and go on a fruitful learning journey together.

Subject topics that are a part of the community’s discussion purview include startup scalability strategies, business growth, identifying target markets, personal finance, stock market trading, options trading, real estate, finance, and self-development.

Till now, Simon Lerner and his team have held four networking conferences across the United States in Long Island, New York, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons. Internationally reputed financial experts and CEOs like Jason Capital, Dan Fleyshmanand John Mallot have been on NetCon’s stage.

Up next, Simon Lerner will be launching classes, workshops and courses that will enable an even more effective and collaborative way of learning for students.

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