Redefining Wealth in Capital Markets


A Conscious Culture Strategist has focused his efforts on working with existing business owners to help them redefine the art of business and help their legacy be passed on to the next generation by a “set of trusted hands:”


Eric Balance has went to University for Accounting and Finance and really found his passion in creativity, mastering the art of leadership and the science of marketing to help business owners engineer their organizations and build a culture around their people to enhance the nature of the marketplace. He is definitely excited to take an even stronger step into the mergers and acquisitions world and support the greatest transfer of wealth to have ever happen over the last century.


The current baby boomers are both retiring and wanting to self off their hard earned assets that have been sustainable and flourishing over the last decades and by focusing on cultivating these current ecosystems with a renewed and creative life force he knows its time to regenerate corporate culture and redefine the wealth within multiple industries by focusing on the people and the importance of a shared purpose.


Capital Firms, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity, and Family Offices that represent High Net Worth Individuals are focusing on magnifying principles and uplevelling people by aligning together towards a common vision. These investment vehicles are focused on acquiring and growing early – stage to mid market businesses in multiple sectors.  Taking the time to  enhance already existing businesses , focusing on integral core values and principles, and leading from a place where we elevate all stakeholders with equality, care, humility and respect.


Eric knows that by focusing on these standards of excellence he helps protect investors capital and the dedicated hard work of business owners and their legacy while flourshing portfolios and working with a renewed momentum in an industry so often focused on bottom line.


Redefining Wealth in a world that needs more peace of mind in the decades to come takes tremendous responsibility and a team of principle based leaders.


I believe that with an even greater focus, continuing to attract the right partners, and a trusted focus on a shared purpose, not only can we retain, roll up, and enhance even more business models, we will also integrate and focus on how we take care of one another as a culture within a community, and come together to build on values such as integrity and honesty in organizations where people feel they are valued based on their merits.


The time to focus on people is now, and the art of doing business should always be on creating and cultivating community. Some of the greatest businesses that have strong existing customers, marketing, supply chain, great products, and great teams are waiting to be transitioned into a new paradigm, with a dedication to the future generation. Owners that are retiring, want to now take the time to embrace their legacy, and reputation. As the greatest shift in wealth happens, existing business owners want to pass on this reputation to someone that will take care of their employees, willing to guide and empower them, have strong operational excellence, can cultivate a strong profit, and most importantly believes in people coming together as a family through innovated action.


Eric is excited to enhance what it means to be part of an organization, how it means to be listened to, and offering a new perspective on what thoughtful communication looks like in a often time perceived to be “dog eat dog” world.


People are the Real movers and shakers of wealthy and profitable businesses.


As a group of creatives, marketers, analysts, and designers Eric shares that he and his partners are passionate about challenging the market and having a trustworthy relationship with outstanding teams that have a proven track record of executing and navigating high quality environments by being unique.


Qualities and characteristics of the future leaders in this marketplace will cultivate an awareness of responsible leadership in a world that has often times been manipulated for over 300 years since the tulip crisis.


Eric Balance shares that in a world that has told us that wealth is created from outside of us, its imperative that future leaders define wealth as the people they serve alongside, and are willing to consciously open and create a space that encourages people to be heard, to share, to have a voice that enables them to contribute to a future that we all want to be a part of. Each voice is an opportunity to learn, and if we get curious enough about one another, we can truly resonate and cultivate an awareness for an organization that embodies a true definition of common understanding and builds success together.


Redefining wealth in capital markets by elevating partners, human capital and bringing conscious investing and an ethical approach to the financial industry is imperative to ignite an economy that has been in limbo for far too long.  We are focused on existing businesses and want hard working founders and business owners to know that they are creators of their circumstances rather than victims of it.


Although this is why so many businesses have started and inherently know this, in a world that is regularly trying to use external circumstances to manipulate the wellbeing of our collective psychology. Eric Balance is using new world technologies, language, and strategies as a benefit towards a service to build into a new age of opportunity while focusing on clear investment strategies and decision making process based off of merit.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates


Join the upcoming Cancel Proof Summit where Eric will be discussing the importance of Creating your Own Economy and Sharing Tools on how you can Discover the secrets to owning your business assets in a way no one can ever touch them.

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