Rahul Gangwani: A Successful Entrepreneur in the Automobile and Retail Industries


Rahul Gangwani is a successful young businessman who owns and manages a variety of businesses in India and around the world, including retail, real estate, and automobiles. He has a strong background in Business Administration and Financial Consultancy, which he obtained in the United Kingdom. Gangwani has also helped to grow and expand several of his family’s businesses, and is passionate about investing in companies he believes in. Along with partners Shitij Malhotra, Kanishk Tuteja, and Sannath Shetty, Gangwani made a significant investment in the AER Bar and Lounge in Dubai’s DIFC. Malhotra and Tuteja own a number of luxury cafes and venues in Delhi, while Shetty is currently a co-owner of the lounge.

Gangwani recently established a car rental company called RG Speed Rental in Business Bay, Dubai. The company has already gained popularity in the market, with clients and customers from the music and film industries in India and beyond. RG Speed Rental has provided numerous luxury vehicles for various film shoots and projects.

We had the opportunity to interview Gangwani and learn more about his new venture and business goals. When asked about the inspiration behind RG Speed Rental, Gangwani said, “It was both a calculated business move and something I’ve always wanted to do. My father has a lot of experience in the automotive industry, and I learned a lot from him about buying and selling cars. I also love cars and thought that a car rental service would be a great business idea, as there is currently a high demand for luxury and sports cars. Car rental services are well-suited to meet that demand.”

One of the things that sets RG Speed Rental apart from its competitors is its extensive selection of luxury and sports vehicles. The company has made an effort to make even rare cars available to clients. Some of the cars in the RG Speed Rental fleet include the Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes SLS, Porsche Cayenne GTS, Mercedes C class convertible, Mustang convertible, Jaguar SVR Coupe, Cadillac Escalade, Lamborghini Huracan, Bentley Bentayga, and Rolls Royce ghost.

When asked about his goals for RG Speed Rental, Gangwani said, “I want to add at least 100 new luxury and sports cars to the company each year to stay current with market trends and meet the demand for the latest models. I also want to continue working to make the process of renting from RG Speed Rental as seamless and enjoyable as possible for our customers.

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